Who we are

Since 1988, the law firm of Marichal, Hernández, Santiago & Juarbe LLC (“MHSJ”) has counseled a wide variety of business, institutional and individual clients; including publicly held corporations, large and mid-sized privately held companies, partnerships and emerging companies.

Through the years MHSJ has been transformed from a corporate and tax law boutique law firm to become a true full service law firm primarily engaged in the following practice areas: Corporate Law, Taxes, Commercial Law, Real Estate Law, Estate Planning, Succession Law, Construction Law, Banking, Insurance, Administrative Law, Employment Law, Civil Law, Arbitration and Mediation, as well as the representation of clients before both Federal and Local Trial and Appellate Courts.

Since its incorporation, our attorneys have and continue to deliver focused, responsive, and personalized services, and the firm as a whole remains committed to developing and maintaining long-term, cost effective, and mutually beneficial business relationships with its clients.

The profile of its members and associates, regardless of their respective specialization areas, is that of a lawyer with strong business skills and the ability to comprehend complex business issues. All of its members and associates possess strong business backgrounds in accounting and/or finance, many of whom are also Certified Public Accountants.

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